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The starting point for my pieces is usually quick sketches and photographs from my wanderings around Wirral and beyond – sometimes taken from a moving train or car, or perhaps as a sequence of snapshots whilst walking. Back in the studio I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture these fleeting moments and day to day places and giving them an artistic makeover.


Each piece is multilayered and combines a range of processes which can include print, collage, drawing and paint. This process of building up translucent layers adds an element of chance and can often result in the unexpected reframing of familiar views.     


I graduated as a mature student in 2014 with a degree in Fine Art from Wirral Metropolitan College, followed by a year’s Fellowship. Since then my work has been exhibited in a number of galleries including the Williamson Art Gallery, the Lake Gallery and the Royal Cambrian Academy. I am a member of West Kirby Art Group and a participating artist in Wirral Open Studios.


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